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Design Values

A design value is a statistic that describes the air quality status of a given location relative to the level of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS).

  • Design values are defined to be consistent with the individual NAAQS as described in CFR Part 50.Exit EPA disclaimer
  • Design values are typically used to designate and classify nonattainment areas, as well as to assess progress towards meeting the NAAQS. To view a list of areas designated nonattainment, see EPA's Green Book site.
  • Design values are computed and published annually by EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards and reviewed in conjunction with the EPA Regional Offices. Some of these design values can change after the date of publication for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: 1) EPA agreement that certain data were influenced by exceptional events and therefore not subject for comparison with the NAAQS, 2) States retroactively entering or changing erroneous data based on later findings, and/or 3) notification of a monitoring issue (e.g. network design, site combination, change in the regulatory status of a monitor) that would prompt a revision.
  • The information listed in these reports and in these tables is intended for informational use only and does not constitute a regulatory determination by EPA as whether an area has attained a NAAQS. The information set forth in this report has no regulatory effect. To have regulatory effect, a final EPA determination as to whether an area has attained a NAAQS or attained a NAAQS as of its applicable attainment date can be accomplished only after rulemaking that provides an opportunity for notice and comment. No such determination for regulatory purposes exists in the absence of such rulemaking. This report does not constitute a proposed or final rulemaking.

2014 Design Value Reports
PM2.5 Detailed Information (XLSX, 1.5MB) - Updated 8/19/2015 Brett Gantt
(919) 541-5274
PM10 Detailed Information (XLSX, 505k) David Mintz
(919) 541-5224
Ozone Detailed Information (XLSX, 530k) Ben Wells
(919) 541-7507
Carbon Monoxide Detailed Information (XLSX, 202k) David Mintz
(919) 541-5224
Sulfur Dioxide Detailed Information (XLSX, 448k) Doug Solomon
(919) 541-4132
Nitrogen Dioxide Detailed Information (XLSX, 301k)
Ben Wells
919) 541-7507
Lead Detailed Information (XLSX, 94k) Halil Cakir
(919) 541-2416

Previous Design Value Reports

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