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You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.


  1. Air Quality and Emissions Trends Report
    This annual publication describes trends in emissions and air concentrations for ozone, particulate matter and other common pollutants during the past ten years and assesses the current status of our nation's air quality. Reports are available online for several years.


  1. Air Quality Guide for Ozone - 2008
    This guide provides you with information about ways to protect your health when ozone levels reach the unhealthy range, and ways you can help reduce ozone air pollution.
    PDF version (2pp, 910k)
    In Spanish

  2. Air Quality Index - A Guide to Air Quality and Your Health (PDF) (12pp, 629k) - August 2009
    This booklet explains EPA's Air Quality Index (AQI) and tells you about the health effects of major air pollutants.

  3. Haze - How Air Pollution Affects the View (PDF) (2pp, 432k) - April 1999
    This two-page pamphlet gives a general description of what regional haze is, where it comes from, and what is being done to reduce it. For additional information, see EPA's Visibility website.

  4. Ozone - Good Up High Bad Nearby - 2003 (PDF) (2pp, 1.1 MB)
    Ozone acts as a protective layer high above the earth, but it can be harmful to breathe. This publication provides basic information about ground-level and high-altitude ozone.

  5. Ozone and Your Health (PDF) (2pp, 2.5 MB) - Feb 2009
    This short, colorful pamphlet tells who is at risk from exposure to ozone, what health effects are caused by ozone, and simple measures that can be taken to reduce health risk.

  6. The Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act - Updated 2007
    A brief introduction to the 1990 version of the Clean Air Act, to help you understand what is in the law and how it may affect you.

  7. Regional Haze and Visibility Protection: Clearing the Air and Improving the View - 1999
    A 1999 publication including an overview of visibility impairment, its causes, and the regional haze program.

  8. Smog - Who Does it Hurt? - 1999
    This 8-page booklet provides more detailed information than "Ozone and Your Health" about ozone health effects and how to avoid them.
    PDF version (10pp, 274k)
    In Spanish (PDF) (10pp, 267k)


  1. AP-42 (Compilation of Air Pollutant Emission Factors)
    The Compilation of Air Pollutant Emission Factors, AP-42, is the authoritative source of information for estimating emissions of air pollutants from industrial, commercial, and residential sources. This page contains links to PDF and WordPerfect versions of each of the AP-42 chapters, as well as a link to OAQPS contacts for AP-42.

  2. The Green Book
    Extensive information about nonattainment areas and National Ambient Air Quality Standards for the six criteria pollutants.

  3. Health Effects Notebook for Hazardous Air Pollutants - Here you can obtain fact sheets that give detailed information about the effects on human health of substances defined as hazardous by the 1990 amendments of the Clean Air Act. There's also an explanation of topics and terms used in the fact sheets.


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