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Title V Operating Permits

EPA Responses to Citizen Comments on State Program Deficiencies

This page contains links to EPA letters and Notices of Deficiency responding to citizens' comments on alleged deficiencies in State and local air operating permits (part 70 ) programs. The citizen comments were submitted to EPA as a result of a 90-day comment period EPA provided for members of the public to identify deficiencies they perceive exist in State and local agency operating permits programs required by title V of the Clean Air Act (Act). (See 65 FR 77376). The 90-day comment period was from December 11, 2000, until March 12, 2001.

Where EPA disagrees as to the existence of a deficiency, we are responding with EPA letters, where we agree that a deficiency exists, we are issuing a Notice of Deficiency in the Federal Register. EPA is responding to these comments in two phases. Phase one involves State and local programs granted interim approval as of December 11, 2000. These EPA responses will be available starting December 1, 2001. Phase two involves those programs granted full approval as of December 11, 2000. EPA response to alleged deficiencies in those programs will be available starting April 1, 2002. Note that there were no comments received for programs in Region 1and only one comment in Region 8, which was complimentary, thus, no response is warranted for programs in either Region.

PDF files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading or printing. For more information and how to obtain the Acrobat Reader, see the EPA's About Adobe Acrobat page.

Responses by EPA Region

Region 2:

EPA response to NYPIRG on New York (PDF) (10pp, 27k)

Region 3:
EPA response to David Baron on District of Columbia (PDF) (13pp, 44k)
EPA response to Air Force on Delaware (PDF) (2pp, 90k)
EPA response to David Baron on Maryland (PDF) (2pp, 12k) - INTERIM
EPA response to David Baron on Maryland (PDF) (66pp, 684k) - FINAL
EPA response to Sierra Club on Virginia (PDF) (5pp, 17k)
EPA response to Earthjustice on Virginia (PDF) (23pp, 61k)
Notice of Deficiency for District of Columbia (PDF) (2pp, 167k) - Federal Register - Dec 21, 2001

Region 4:

EPA response to George Hayes on Tennessee (PDF) (3pp, 9k)
EPA Response to Georgia PIRG on Georgia (PDF) (14pp, 93k)

Region 5:

EPA response to USPIRG Education Fund on Ohio (PDF 207KB)
EPA response to Earth Day Coalition on Ohio (PDF 153KB)
EPA response to Clean Air Conservancy on Ohio (PDF 147KB)
EPA response to NWF on Michigan (PDF 15KB)
EPA response to CLC on Illinois (PDF 159KB)
EPA response to Citizens Organized Watch on Indiana (PDF 40KB)
EPA response to Valley Watch on Indiana (PDF 18KB)
EPA response to MEC on Michigan (PDF 37KB)
EPA response to NWF on Minnesota (PDF 25KB)
EPA response to Sierra Club on Wisconsin (PDF 22KB)
Notice of Deficiency for Michigan (PDF) (2pp, 163k)
Notice of Deficiency for Indiana (PDF) (3pp, 168k)
Notice of Deficiency for Ohio (PDF) (3pp, 170k)

Region 6

EPA Response to LEAN on Louisiana (PDF 72KB)
EPA Response to Public Citizen on Texas (PDF 63KB)
Notice of Deficiency for Texas (PDF) (5pp, 180k)

Region 7

EPA response to Sierra Club on Missouri (PDF 427KB)
Notice of Deficiency for Missouri (PDF) (2pp, 164k)

Region 9

Correction to NOD for 34 California Districts (PDF) (1pg, 146k)
Notice of Deficiency for 34 California Districts (PDF) (2pp, 166k)
EPA response to Marc Chytilo on California (PDF 57KB)
EPA response to Robert Hall on Clark Co, Nevada (PDF 27KB)
EPA response to Sierra Club on Clark Co, Nevada (PDF 34KB)
EPA Response to Grand Canyon Trust on Arizona (PDF 14KB)
EPA response to ACLPI on Arizona (PDF 18KB)
Notice of Deficiency for Hawaii (PDF) (2pp, 165k)

Region 10:

EPA response to Richard Smith on Washington (PDF 89KB)
EPA response to Trustees for Alaska on Alaska (PDF 37KB)
Notice of Deficiency for Washington (PDF) (3pp, 169k)

National Responses and Other Federal Register Notices

Notice of Location of Response Letters Concerning Program Deficiencies (PDF) (2pp, 163k) - Federal Register - Feb 13, 2002

Notice of Location of Response Letter Concerning Deficiencies in Texas (PDF) (2pp, 168k) - Federal Register - April 5, 2002

Notice of Location of Response Letters Concerning Deficiencies in GA, MO, LA, and OH (PDF) (3pp, 169k) - Federal Register - Aug 20, 2002


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