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Title V Operating Permits


The Public Participation Process

Title V Programs Provide the Public with Certain Opportunities:

  • Comment on and request a public hearing on draft permits,
  • Appeal Part 70 permits in State court and petition EPA to object to such permits,
  • Appeal EPA-issued permits to the Environmental Appeals Board and federal courts,
  • Track compliance by reviewing reports/certifications submitted by sources, and
  • Bring enforcement actions in civil court for permit noncompliance.

Detailed Explanation of such Opportunities (including differences between Parts 70 and 71) - The Proof is in the Permit: How to Make Sure a Facility in Your Community Gets an Effective Title V Air Pollution Permit (by NY PIRG and the Earth Day Coalition).  Also, the same document (En Español).

Public Petitions to Object to Operating Permits

The public may petition EPA to object to certain Part 70 permits (for how to do this, see the link above).  EPA maintains a database which tracts the status of such petitions:  EPA Title V Petition Database.

Part 70 Permits in Electronic Format (where available) – Draft permits, final permits, applications, or summary lists identifying such permits:

Region 1

Connecticut (final permits)
Maine (final)
Massachusetts (draft/final)
New Hampshire (draft/final)
Rhode Island (final)
Vermont (draft/final)
All States:  Location Maps, Lists of permitted facilities, and Link to Final Permits

Region 2

New York (draft/final)
New Jersey (final)

Region 3

Maryland (final)
Virginia (final)
West Virginia (final)

Region 4

Florida (draft and final)
Kentucky (draft/final)
Jefferson County, Kentucky (draft/final)
North Carolina (draft/final permits)- Select "Title V" as "Class"
Georgia (draft/final) - Go to “Permits and Title V Applications"
Tennessee (draft permits) - linked within public notice

Region 5

Electronic Permits Online (Covers Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin)

Region 6

Arkansas – Permit Data System
Oklahoma (draft/final)
Texas (summaries)
EPA Database – See “Operating Permit Timeline”

Region 7

Iowa (draft and final permits)

Region 8

Colorado (final)
Utah (final and other)

Region 9

EPA Database (proposed/final)
Arizona (draft/final),
San Francisco Bay Area (summary)

Region 10

Alaska (draft/final permits)
Idaho – Draft Permits, Tier 1 Permits, & Tier 2 Permits (final)
Lane County, Oregon (final)
Northwest Washington (draft/final)
Olympic Region (draft/final)
Puget Sound (draft/final)
Spokane County (draft/final)
Southwest Clean Air Agency (draft/final)

EPA Comments and Objection Letters on Proposed Permits

EPA may comment on, ans formally object to, draft part 70 permits, independent of a public petition asking us to do so.  The following links document some EPA comments and objections:

EPA Review of State and Local Part 70 Programs:

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