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Title V Operating Permits

Learn About the Operating Permit Program

Operating Permits:

  • Legally-enforceable documents designed to improve compliance by clarifying what facilities (sources) must do to control air pollution.
  • Required by Title V of the Clean Air Act.
  • Issued to all large sources (“major” sources) and a limited number of smaller sources (called “area” sources, “minor” sources, or “non-major” sources).
  • Most are issued by State or local agencies (“part 70” permits); a small number are issued by EPA (“part 71” permits).
  • Permits include pollution-control requirements from federal or state regulations that apply to a source.
  • Other air permits may be required (e.g., “Pre-construction” permits, “PSD” permits, or “NSR” permits), but this web site does not address such permits.

More Detailed Information on Operating Permits



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