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Area Designations for 2008 Lead Standards

2008 Lead Standards — Region 3 Recommendations and EPA's Responses

States submitted an initial round of recommendations to the EPA for lead attainment and nonattainment in 2009. Some states submitted additional recommendations in 2010 based on more recent or new monitoring data.

The EPA completed lead designations in two rounds. In the first round, the EPA designated as “nonattainment” any area that violated the 2008 lead standards based on data from 2007-2009.

The EPA took an additional year to make final designations decisions for all other areas of the country to allow additional lead air quality data to be collected and evaluated. In the second round, the EPA designated those remaining areas as meeting or not meeting the 2008 lead standards based on data from 2008-2011.

Tribal information is available on the Tribal Recommendations page.

EPA's Final Designations

States' recommendation and response documents are available below the map.

View EPA intended designations in tabular form

Recommendation Documents

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

The documents listed below are state and tribe responses to EPA's request for recommendations on the designation of areas for the lead standard and EPA's responses to those submittals. These responses are provided here in PDF format for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and do not represent EPA's views on the appropriateness or adequacy of a state's or a tribe's recommendations.

The quality of these PDF files is quite variable and is the result of the quality of the documents provided by the states.

Recommendations received by EPA Region 3

State State's Initial Recommendation
(2009 - Round 1)
EPA Response
(2010 - Round 1)
EPA Response
(2011 - Round 2)
Delaware Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 67KB) Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 43KB) Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 36KB)
Maryland Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 46KB) Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 41KB) Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 36KB)
Pennsylvania Letter (PDF) (72 pp, 5.2MB) Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 46KB)
Attachment (PDF) (35 pp, 1.9MB)
Letter (PDF) (13 pp, 720KB)
Attachment (PDF)
(11 pp, 872KB)
Virginia Letter (PDF) (12 pp, 176KB) Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 42KB) Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 36KB)
Washington, D.C. Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 47B) Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 42KB) Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 36KB)
West Virginia Letter (PDF) (4 pp, 255KB) Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 47KB) Letter (PDF) (2 pp, 36KB)


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