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Sulfur Dioxide Area Information
(2010 Standard)

  1. Nonattainment Area Selections
    1. Area Listings
      1. Nonattainment Areas
      2. Sorted by State/Area/County
      3. Sorted by Area/State/County

    2. Area Designation Data
      1. Air Quality Data, Population, Counties

  2. Maintenance Area Selections (No areas are redesignated from Nonattainment to Maintenance at this time)

  3. Area Maps
    Map and GIS shapefile downloads are available from the Downloads page (see sidebar link)

    1. National Maps
      1. National Map of 2010 SO2 Nonattainment Areas

    2. State Maps
      1. Individual State Maps with 2010 SO2 Nonattainment Areas

  4. Other Information
    1. Summary Reports
      1. Nonattainment Area Summary Report
      2. Nonattainment Area Summary Report w/ History

  5. Federal Register Notices and Related SO2 Designation Information for the 2010 Standard
    1. Sulfur Dioxide Standards website

    2. Designation Notices
      1. Final Air Quality Designations for the 2010 Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Primary National Ambient Air Quality Standard (August 5, 2013) (PDF)

    3. Other Associated Federal Register Notices
      1. All Federal Register Notices
        1. Notices Listed By Category
        2. Notices Listed By Area Name
        3. Notices Listed By State then Area
        4. Notices Listed By Date

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