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Sulfur Dioxide (1971) Nonattainment Areas

As of October 01, 2015
Current and historical design value data can be found at http://www.epa.gov/airtrends/values.html
Areas Listed Alphabetically Designation No.
Armstrong Co, PA Primary 1 4,516    3 PA
East Helena Area (Lewis and Clark Co.), MT Primary, Secondary 1 2,669    8 MT
Hayden (Pinal County), AZ Primary 1 4,844    9 AZ
Laurel Area (Yellowstone County), MT Primary 1 6,525    8 MT
Piti, GU Primary 1 1,000    9 GU
Salt Lake Co, UT Primary, Secondary 1 1,029,655    8 UT
Tanguisson, GU Primary 1 1,000    9 GU
Tooele Co, UT Primary, Secondary 1 58,218    8 UT
Warren Co, NJ Primary, Secondary 1 108,696    2 NJ
9 Total Areas 9 1,217,123     

No. of Counties reflects the number of counties in an area, while the total count only counts a county once and doesn't double count the county if it is in more than area.

Multi-state areas are counted in the nonattainment report until all state areas have been redesignated.

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