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The Green Book Nonattainment Areas for Criteria Pollutants

As of October 01, 2015

What's New

PM-2.5 (2012 standard) area designations, effective April 15, 2015, are included in the Green Book. (see 80 FR 2206 and 80 FR 18535 for details)

The 8-hour Ozone (1997 standard) revocation, effective April 6, 2015, is included in the Green Book. (80 FR 12264)

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Pechanga Reservation is a separate 8-hour Ozone (1997 standard) area, redesignated to attainment,
effective April 3, 2015.
(see 80 FR 18120 for details)

The State Implementation Plan Status Website has moved to www.epa.gov

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Questions concerning the status of nonattainment areas, their classification and EPA policy should be directed to the appropriate Regional Office. EPA Headquarters should be contacted only when the Regional Office is unable to answer a question.

Areas of the country where air pollution levels persistently exceed the national ambient air quality standards may be designated "nonattainment." To view a list of areas designated nonattainment, select one of the pollutants/standards below:

The 8-hour Ozone (1997 standard) was revoked on April 6, 2015, and the 1-hour Ozone (1979 standard) was revoked on June 15, 2005.

Ozone   Particulate Matter (PM)
8-Hour Ozone (2008 Standard)   PM-2.5 (2012 Standard)
8-Hour Ozone (1997 Standard)   PM-2.5 (2006 Standard)
1-Hour Ozone (1979 Standard)   PM-2.5 (1997 Standard)
    PM-10 (1987 Standard)
Sulfur Dioxide   Lead
Sulfur Dioxide (2010 Standard)   Lead (2008 Standard)
Sulfur Dioxide (1971 Standard)   Lead (1978 Standard)
Carbon Monoxide   Nitrogen Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide (1971 Standard)   Nitrogen Dioxide (1971 Standard)
National Multi-Pollutant
National Area and County-Level Multi-Pollutant Information

Green Book Website Disclaimer

If you have questions for State or Local Air Pollution Agencies contact:
The National Association of Clean Air Agencies (formerly STAPPA and ALAPCO) at
http://www.4cleanair.org Exit EPA disclaimer and http://www.4cleanair.org/DirectoryAlapco.asp. Exit EPA disclaimer
State and Local Agency Web pages and other contacts are available
at the Partners-Working Together for Clean Air site.


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