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Previous Section 185A Areas with a Maintenance Plan Requirement
Under Section 110(a)(1) of the CAA

As of June 15, 2005

Areas Listed Alphabetically Classification No. of
Jacksonville, FL Section 185A 1 778,879 4 FL
Lafayette, LA Section 185A 1 190,503 6 LA
New Orleans, LA Section 185A 4 1,055,441 6 LA
Preble Co, OH Section 185A 1 42,337 5 OH
Yuba City, CA Section 185A 2 114,135 9 CA
5 Total Areas 9 2,181,295  

The former 1-hour ozone designations and classifications as of June 15, 2004, are being retained in subpart C of Part 81 for purposes of the anti backsliding provisions of 40 CFR 51.905. 40 CFR 51.905(c) references subpart C of part 81 for the areas affected by the anti-backsliding regulation.

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