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General Conformity

Stakeholder Information

EPA has convened an interagency work group to address General Conformity issues. All participants are federal employees. In addition, the FAA and the EPA formed a stakeholders group to address airport air quality improvements, particularly the voluntary reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions. Stakeholders include airport operators, airlines, and state air quality agencies.

Meeting dates and locations:

  • June 11-12, 2003 - Chicago, Illinois Workshop held with the Ozone Policies and Strategies Group (OPSG) staff and EPA Regional Office staff to discuss general conformity issues. Agenda: First day- basic review of the existing general conformity rule (1993 rule) and program; Second day- review of issue papers developed by OPSG staff to address changes under consideration for the general conformity rule/program.

  • July 27, 2004 - Crystal City, Virginia Interagency Meeting held with OPSG staff and other Federal Agencies directly involved with general conformity determinations/decisions. Purpose of meeting: Forum for Federal Agencies to voice concerns regarding current general conformity regulations and to further discuss issue papers developed for consideration in upcoming rule revision.

  • December 15, 2004 - Washington, D.C. Meeting of official EPA General Conformity Workgroup for upcoming revised general conformity rule. Continuation of discussion on remaining issues that need resolution prior to rule proposal.
Stakeholder Contacts
Name Agency Phone Number Fax Number E-mail
Ralph Thompson FAA (202) 267-8772 (202) 267-8821 ralph.thompson@faa.gov
Jake Plante FAA (202) 493-4875 (202) 267-8821 jake.plante@faa.gov
Daphne Fuller FAA Office of Chief Counsel     daphne.fuller@faa.gov
Ralph Lovinelli FAA Office of Environment and Energy     ralph.iovinelli@faa.gov
Camille Mittelholtz DOT (202) 366-4861 (202) 366-7638 Camille.Mittelholtz@dot.gov
Ann Acheson Forest Service (202) 205-0800 (202) 205-1599 aacheson@fs.fed.us
Pete Lahm Forest Service (202) 205-1084   plahm@fs.fed.us
Dirk Herkhof Minerals Management Service (703) 787-1735 (703) 787-1026 dirk.herkhof@mms.gov
Jeff Loman Bureau of Indian Affairs (202) 208-4088 (202) 219-0006 jeffloman@bia.gov
Cliff Hupp Geologic Survey (703) 648-5207   crhupp@usgs.gov
Scott Archer Bureau of Land Management (303) 236-6400 (303) 236-3508 scott_archer@blm.gov
Vijai N. Rai Department of the Interior (202) 208-6661   vijai_rai@ios.doi.gov
Nelson Rivera HUD (202) 402-4455   nelson.a.rivera@hud.gov
Andrea Stacy National Park Service (304) 636-6586 x15 (304) 636-7824 andrea_stacy@nps.gov
Vermell Davis Office of Surface Mining (202) 208-2802   gvdavis@osmre.gov

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