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Incorporating Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy in State and Tribal Implementation Plans




The Roadmap for Incorporating Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy Policies and Programs into State and Tribal Implementation Plans is part of EPA’s effort to encourage state, tribal and local agencies to consider incorporating energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) policies and programs in their State and Tribal Implementation Plans (SIPs/TIPs).  The initiative includes a manual, training, tools and technical assistance.

Fact Sheet - Information on why EPA is encouraging incorporation of EE/RE policies and programs in SIPs and TIPs

Basic Information – An overview of EE/RE policies and programs, including more information about SIPs and TIPs, who should learn more about EE/RE opportunities, and information on electric energy training.

EE/RE Roadmap ManualLearn more about how this new document can help air agency planners

Quantification – Information on how to quantify EE/RE emissions reductions

ResourcesFact sheet information on EE/RE and SIP/TIP resources



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