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Learn how air quality affects your health during Air Quality Awareness Week, Monday, April 27 - Friday, May 1.

Monday: Do Your Part: Reduce Your Contribution to Air Pollution
Bike Image Nearly every day, each of us contributes a little to air pollution – but we don’t always realize it. Take a few minutes to think about how you contribute to air pollution. Then come up with a plan to make some changes.  Here are some tips from one of our partner agencies, the Maricopa County Air Quality Department in Arizona.  Try out their suggestions during Air Quality Awareness Week! More

Tuesday: Air Quality- Important at Every Age
People Two of the most common pollutants in the U.S. are ozone, or smog, and particle pollution. You may know that some people are at greater risk from these pollutants, including people with heart or lung disease, children and teens, and older adults. More

Wednesday: Air Quality & Your Health
Heart and lungs image

You’re doing a lot of things to keep your heart healthy. You eat right. You exercise. You don’t smoke. Are you paying attention to air quality? If not, today’s the day to start. More

Thursday: Get Outside…with the Air Quality Index !
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During the warmer months, people tend to increase their exposure to air pollution because more people are outside more often- working in the yard, swimming, doing sports and summer camps, and camping. More

A look back: Ozone in 2014 and PM in 2014.


Friday: Traveler's Health
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Don’t forget to check the Air Quality Index when you’re on vacation or travel in the U.S. More

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