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Tribal Air

This site is designed to strengthen EPA and tribal air quality programs in Indian country by providing timely and user-friendly access to key information; promoting the exchange of ideas; and making available relevant documents to all environmental professionals who live and work in Indian country.

To learn more about tribal air programs, visit the pages below:

  • Basic Information: Information and history of the tribal air program at EPA.
  • Where You Live: Locate regional contacts and see what is occurring in your area.
  • Announcements: The latest news related to tribal air and its programs.
  • Air Program Resources: Regulatory tools and programs available to tribes as they work to protect their tribal air quality resources.
  • NTAA/EPA Tribal Air Call: Conference call co-hosted by the National Tribal Air Association (NTAA) and EPA to address a broad range of tribal air issues.
  • Workgroups: Workgroups addressing tribal air issues.
  • Training: Learn about training offered by EPA and other organizations
  • Tribal Air Agenda: This document discusses planned activities by OAR headquarter offices to support, expand and assist tribal implementation of air quality management activities nationwide.
  • Tribal Air Coordinators: Who to contact at EPA headquarters or in the EPA Regional Offices about tribal issues.
  • Tribal Air Newsletter: A quarterly newsletter produced by EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards.
  • Grants and Funding: Grant and funding opportunities available through grants.gov, EPA's Office of Air and Radiation, and EPA's American Indian Environmental Office.
  • Tribe to Tribe: Learn about programs and projects initiated by tribes throughout the United States.
  • Working Effectively With Tribal Governments: Information from the Working Effectively With Tribal Governments CD.
  • Tools and Resources: Tools and resources relevant to tribal air issues.
  • School Air Toxics: EPA, state and local air pollution control agencies will monitor the outdoor air around schools for pollutants known as toxic air pollutants.
  • Tribal New Source Review (NSR): The NSR requires stationary sources of air pollution to get permits before they start construction. NSR is also referred to as construction permitting or preconstruction permitting.
  • Consultation: This webpage lists the consultation activities with American Indian governments as it applies to the work performed in OAQPS.

Learn more about EPA tribal policies and initiatives, including executive orders, presidential documents, and EPA policy initiatives, through EPA's American Indian Environmental Office (AIEO).



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